Thursday, 20 August 2009

Working with John Nicholson

John Nicholson, Peepolykus, did 5 workshops for us in May/June around The Tempest. Since he worked with us, we have moved on from playing or messing around with the story (getting to understand the story of The Tempest and how we want to tell it) to casting and scripting our adaptation/interpretation. Next time we work with John, he will be our guest director; we are hoping to work with him again in October.

Workshop with Wolfgang Stange and funding from Mencap

Firebird had a workshop day with Wolfgang Stange of Amici Dance Theatre Company on June 3rd. It was great and we all loved working with Wolfgang because it was very different to how we normally work and it helped give us ideas for The Tempest. We want to work with Wolf and his colleague, Ali King from Turtle Key, again. Wolf and Ali suggested we get together with the Amici Company in the autumn for a day of working together. See news below.

Mencap local awards grant: Mencap has awarded Firebird Theatre a local awards grant of £495 for the hire of accessible transport for the whole Company to travel to London in the autumn to work with Amici Dance Theatre Company and Wolfgang Stange again. Thank you to Mencap.

Firebird Theatre DVD

A film made by Ann Pugh of Redweather Productions. An introduction to Firebird Theatre (8 minutes long) and clips from Firebird’s last production, ‘Faustus’ (6 minutes long) available as DVD or link to or on Firebird's website.
This film was made by Ann working with Firebird Theatre and features every member of the Company talking about Firebird and why they think theatre is important.

This is an ideal introduction to the Company, suitable for venue managers and tour bookers, funders, young people and anyone who would like to know more about the Company.

Welcome to Daniel Bryan, new member of Firebird

Daniel auditioned for Firebird Theatre in February 2009 and has joined the Company to work on The Tempest.

Daniel says: Although I have only just joined Firebird Theatre, I have loved acting all my life. I started doing it at school. I have done things like Bugsy Malone and Robin Hood. I have also done lots of training at school and college. I was too shy when I was young because I was too scared to go on stage. I am still nervous but I have learnt to overcome my fear and now I am rehearsing The Tempest and I am with Firebird, I am ambitious for the future. I am trying out lots of different parts but I am very interested in playing the prince, Ferdinand.

Firebird Theatre is proud to announce Kathryn Hunter as its Patron.

Kathryn is well-known as an actor and as a director. She is an Olivier Award winner and an artistic associate with the Royal Shakespeare Company. Firebird worked with Kathryn on Faustus as one of its guest directors. It was amazing working with her and we hope to work with her again at some point in the future, this time on The Tempest.

“The way Firebird tell a story is personal and unique to the group as the best theatre should be.”
Kathryn Hunter, Guest Director for Faustus

For more information about Kathryn, please visit

Friday, 14 August 2009

Stop Press News**Performances of The Tempest**Stop Press news**Performances

Premiere performances of The Tempest at Bristol Old Vic in the Studio on 4th, 5th and 6th March 2010.

Firebird Theatre’s latest production is an interpretation and free adaptation of Shakespeare’s The Tempest. With The Tempest, Firebird wants to promote its unique brand of work to a wide cross section of the community; ultimately, it gives us the opportunity to celebrate and share with the wider public the theatre we make; our theatre is unique because of who we are.

The Tempest will premiere at Bristol Old Vic’s Studio theatre on 4th, 5th and 6th March. Alongside these performances, Firebird will run workshops for schools, colleges and other disabled people; presentations and post performance discussions with their audiences. The Company will be touring the production next spring and autumn, 2010. Our ambition is to tour both regionally and nationally with The Tempest.

Watch this space for information about other performances of The Tempest in the southwest and further afield.