Monday, 8 February 2010

Photo shoot and publicity design with Graham Burke and Howard Swift from Document (previously known as Tijuana)

During November 2009, we were working with the photographer, Graham Burke, and Howard Swift, one of the designers from Tijuana (now known as Document), to design our publicity materials. We now have our posters and flyers printed and these have been distributed to the Bristol Old Vic, Salisbury Arts Centre and the Brewhouse Theatre and Arts Centre to advertise our performances.

We really enjoyed working with Graham and Howard from Tijuana. It was a good experience and made us more aware of how we can show people through a photograph and tell people through words about Firebird Theatre: who we are and what we do. It is part of what we are learning about being a theatre company.

We hope to get these publicity photographs and more rehearsal photographs up on our main website soon but here is an example of one of the images that Graham took.

Friday, 5 February 2010

Film of Firebird working on The Tempest, includes interview with John Nicholson, Guest Director

Ann Pugh and Redweather Productions have made another film that shows Firebird working on The Tempest. The film focuses on the Company working at the devising stage and includes an interview with John Nicholson, who is guest directing for The Tempest.

We are really pleased with the film and think it has captured much about how Firebird works. Ann is planning to work with us to create short films that will include interviews with the people we have collaborated with for The Tempest, as well as film from rehearsals and performances. We want to make these films as an educational resource for students and teachers and anyone who would be interested to know how Firebird makes theatre.

You can see the film if you go to this link

We hope it is of interest, we are always pleased to have feedback because it helps us develop and improve what we do.

Thank you to Ann and all at Redweather Productions for making such excellent films about our work.

Funding from Arts Council England's Grants for the Arts

We are pleased to announce that we have received funding from the Arts Council through Grants for the Arts, which is a Lottery grant. This funding is towards a regional preview tour of The Tempest, which means we can take performances to Salisbury Arts Centre on the 18th March and the Brewhouse Theatre and Arts Centre, Taunton on 19th May, as well as Bristol Old Vic at the beginning of March. The performance at the Brewhouse will be part of the Flux Festival. For more information about the Flux Festival, go to

The Regional Preview Tour will enable us to invite venue bookers and promoters to see a performance of The Tempest and we are hoping they may book The Tempest for their venue. Katie Keeler and Theatre Bristol are undertaking an advocacy role for Firebird, making sure that promoters know about us and are invited to see the show. This is also an opportunity to ‘bed in’ the show, to hone and develop performances, to get feedback from audiences and to tighten and re-work any areas that need working on.

This grant will also be used to make short films as educational resources, to describe some of the processes Firebird has used to re-tell The Tempest and to promote the work of Firebird to venue bookers.

Firebird Theatre thanks Arts Council England, South West for their support, it is fantastic to have these oppotunities to develop as a company and to reach more audiences.

Friday, 15 January 2010

New poetry for The Tempest

The Firebird Poets

The 8 creative writing/poetry workshops funded by Quartet Community Foundation, came to an end in December 2009. The Firebird Poets worked with poet Claire Williamson again and have written 22 new poems around The Tempest. The Firebird poets are: Brenda Carr, Brenda Cook, Jenny Redlar, Claude Rimmer, Jenny Stafford, Penny Goater and Emily Pamon. Other participants were Daniel Bryan, Tina Kelly and Steve Knight.

We will put all the new poems on our website as soon as possible but in the meantime here is a taster, a poem written by the whole group around Prospero’s rise to power as a magician.

The hovering humming birds will hum to his tune
The wild waves will break to his beat
The free spirits will rise and fall to his hand
The trickling sand crushes under his feet

Many of the poems or extracts of the work will be used as part of Firebird Theatre’s performance of The Tempest. All the poems will be read/performed as part of Bristol’s Poetry Festival in September 2010. Six more poetry sessions are planned for summer 2010 to prepare for the Festival and these will be part-funded by Bristol’s Poetry Can.