Friday, 15 February 2013

Half price tickets and news

We are writing to remind you that you can book half price tickets for The Breadhorse up until the end of February, which is a very good deal and one we hope you can take advantage of.

Please book tickets from Bristol Old Vic, King Street, Bristol BS1 4ED

Box Office telephone 0117 987 7877 or online at

News update: We have been working with Tristan Sturrock (Peter Pan, Treasure Island, Mayday Mayday) to get the show ready for the March performances.

Tristan working with the Company in Rehearsal Room 1 at Bristol Old Vic

Sarah Moody and Mark Lawrence have been working with students from Briarwood and Kingsweston Schools and St Brendan’s Sixth Form College to make The Breadhorse Choir and musicians.

On Wednesday 30th January we performed the 12minute introduction to The Breadhorse, which was written by Firebird members working with Bristol poet and writer, Claire Williamson. The performance was part of Ferment Fortnight at Bristol Old Vic; we had a fantastic audience who gave us great feedback, see below. 

 “What stands out is the ensemble work - beautiful to see a company come together and work effortlessly together on stage.”

“…it’s mysterious and exciting.” Feedback from audience members, Ferment

We hope you will be able to join us at one of the performances of The Breadhorse. There will be a post performance discussion when you can talk to the Company after Thursday’s 2pm performance and Friday’s 8pm performance.
Working with Tristan Sturrock on The Breadhorse
Here are the comments we received from the Ferment Fortnight audience; each audience who come to see a peformance at Ferment are asked the same questions.
1.      A friend asks you to briefly describe what you have just seen. What would you say?
Something that makes us want to come again in March.
Something that makes you think.
On the surface you think you know what you are getting, but it’s mysterious and exciting.
It is really lyrical through the repetition.
Timeless with Romany gypsy feel of it.
Really exciting and made me want to re-live my childhood.
Takes you by surprise.
Rhymes brought back lots of memories.

2.      Can you tell us 3 thee things that particularly stand out/that you find particularly engaging?

The ensemble work - beautiful to see a company come together and work effortlessly together on stage. Amazing - focused.
The curtain call - you see a lot of companies of actors who just do curtain call as part of the thing, I have never
seen a curtain call with such enthusiasm which is really inspiring.
I like the pictures.
Performers really enjoying themselves.
The music really supported the work, makes you go on a journey which is really exciting.
I really loved it when all the playground rhymes where being repeated and layered.
Some of you were saying the same thing and you get a sense that things come together in the differences in the voices. That gives a sense of drama in the message.
It seems universal to accept anyone and everybody.
It’s a beautiful message.
Huge amount of feeling for 12 min.
it felt really timeless, really impressive for 12 mins.

3.      Where do you see the piece going next?
The idea of working with young people and stuff is really great.
A really solid piece of work to take into the community.
Exploring how it can become different things with engagement of community.

4.      -

5.      Any other comments?
The singer was very good; I want to know what the words are.
The words are from a Romany chant that is used to calm a horse.
Thank you to Firebird and congratulations and I am looking forward to March