Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Newsletter, October 2012

We are delighted to announce that our application for funding from Art Council England’s Grants for the Arts has been successful. This gives us enough money to start work on The Breadhorse Project.

The Breadhorse Project is about creating a new, inspirational and powerful show through which we will:

               The Breadhorse by Carol Chilcott          
• Explore new ways of working with communities of young disabled and non disabled people

• Provide opportunities to develop and explore existing partnerships and new relationships

• Develop the company structure of Firebird Theatre.

The show will be a new stage adaptation of acclaimed author Alan Garner’s captivating short story, The Breadhorse.

Breadhorse is a playground game where children carry each other on their backs. In Garner’s story, this boisterous game turns nasty as one boy is forced to be the Breadhorse again and again.

We will draw inspiration from the story’s themes of bullying, isolation and empowerment to create an original and moving new piece of theatre in collaboration with young people from across Bristol through a community chorus. We will use original music, poetic text and ensemble performance to create performances, which we hope will challenge, surprise and move our audiences.

For this project, Firebird will be working in partnership with Bristol Old Vic and Theatre Bristol on The Breadhorse Project. We will also be working with Kate Yedigaroff and Matthew Austin (MAYK), who will help us to produce the show. To work with a producer is a new experience for us and we are very excited to have this sort of support.

Over the next couple of months we will be able to confirm the other people we will be working with on this project; they will include students from local schools, musicians, choir leaders, actors and other theatre practitioners.

Important dates for your diary are:

Saturday 24th November Firebird Theatre’s Annual General Meeting at Bristol Old Vic at 10.15am.

March 2013, week beginning 11th, performances of The Breadhorse in the Studio at Bristol Old Vic (days and times to be confirmed)