Thursday, 24 January 2013

The Breadhorse Choir and Musicians

Mark working with the Choir; behind Mark,
 Ann Pugh filming the work
Mark Lawrence and Sarah Moody have been working with young people from Bristol schools to form a Choir that will sing the Kosko Gry! chant for the performances of The Breadhorse story in March in Bristol Old Vic's Studio.

The Choir are students and teachers from Briarwood School: Adam Maximan, Stuart Moss, Sandra Neale, Hazel Staddon and Stacey Young.

Kingsweston School: Deneshae Ayton, Reuben Loader, Curtis Poole and Nicky Tiley.

St. Brendan's Sixth Form College: Ella Bakker, Fiona Munro and Jess Murray.

From Bristol Old Vic's Made in Bristol: Jack Drewry and Tameka Mortimer.

Firebird volunteers: Jude McGreevy and Fiona Spence.

 from left to right: Sarah, Curtis, Reuben, Deneshae and Nicky 

From left to right: Jude, Tameka, Jack,Ella and Jess.

Sarah has composed music for the Choir and also for a group of musicians who will support the Choir and the performance of The Breadhorse. Mark is leading the Choir.

Sarah has also been working with Stephen Canby and Ed Goater from Firebird Theatre, and students Benji Cooper, Alex Preddy, Tom Taylor and James Wilkins from St Brendan's Sixth Form College to form a band of musicians to support the Choir and the performance of The Breadhorse.                                            

Alex, James and Steve working together

Ed in foreground, Benji and James
on accordian and percussion      

Benji, Tom and Sarah working together