Sunday, 12 March 2017

Working with Adrain Lee, musician and composer

Last Monday, 6th March, we had our first practical session with Adrian Lee. Adrian is working with us as composer and musician for A Spark and a Beating Heart. He is telling the story of the firebird who is looking for five perfect notes to create a beautiful melody for its song, through specially composed music for this production.

Adrian is a musician with the British Paraorchestra and has a lot of experience of composing music for the theatre and television. It is wonderful to be able to work with him to realise all our ideas and creative ambitions for A Spark and a Beating Heart. In April, Adrian will join us again, along with Fionn, for a run-through of the performance.

We will keep you up-dated, step-by-step, with how the work is developing, leading up to the performances in May.

Adrian working with the Company, photo by Penny Goater

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Latest news

On Monday 28th March we had a production meeting with most members of the technical and design team joining us at the Public Hall, Shirehampton.

Our rehearsals continue and next Monday 6th March, we will be working with Adrian Lee from the British Paraorchestra. Adrian will be composing music around the story of the firebird that is looking for 5 perfect notes to create its beautiful song.

Fionn, Dan and Penny: the story of Marushka and Penny's story: photo by Tomas Brice

Sharlie and Dan wrote a poem about A Spark and a Beating Heart during one Monday lunchtime, we would like to include this in our Programme. Not only is it a beautiful poem but it shows how the work continues to inspire and influence the Company. Here is the poem.

Poem by Sharlie and Dan

Imagine a kaleidoscope of colour

An explosion of sound, majestic and proud

Graceful and powerful

Elemental and seasonal:

Imagine a firebird.

Finally, we are posting some more rehearsal photographs that have been taken by members of the Company and also Tomas Brice, who visited us when he was home from University. Thanks to Tomas as well as the other photographers in Firebird.

Fionn, Dan and Penny rehearsing, photo by Tomas Brice

Photograph by Penny Goater: Brian and Sharlie reheasing Brian's story

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Rehearsals continue

Fionn and Chris rehearsing Chris's story and the story of Zal, photo by Ed Goater

Fionn, Dan and Penny rehearsing Penny's story and the story of Marushka,
photo by Ed Goater
Last Monday, we finished our devising and rehearsing sessions with Fionn Gill - we hope to get-together with Fionn again in April for a run-through of A Spark and a Beating Heart. Next week we have a meeting with the production team and on 6th March we have the day working with British Paraorchestra member, Adrian Lee. Adrian is composing music for A Spark and a Beating Heart around one of the phoenix/firebird myths and will play live with us at Trinity Centre.

It is a busy time but we are very proud of our work and although May is getting closer, we feel we are well prepared for the performances.

Rehearsing the King's Garden scene, photo by Penny Goater

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Filming the second part of Chris's story

Chris Wiltshire, Firebird performer, has had a day filming with Frank Spencer at Redweather Studios. He has filmed the second part of his story for A Spark and a Beating Heart - we are trying out lots of different ways of telling our personal stories and the myths and legends of the firebird and phoenix for this performance.

Chris making the film at Redweather Studios, photos by Frank Spencer.

Saturday, 11 February 2017

Rehearsals for A Spark and a Beating Heart

We are enjoying our rehearsals with actor Fionn Gill; he has helped us develop the script and our ideas about storytelling for A Spark and a Beating Heart. We are very excited that Fionn will be performing with us; we have never worked this way before and we are learning so much from all the people we are collaborating with on this new production.

We have two more sessions with Fionn before he goes to London to work - next time we see Fionn will be for the performances in May!

Olivia, Brian and Fionn rehearsing the Garden scene in A Spark and a Beating Heart

Photo by Penny Goater, Firebird Theatre

Friday, 3 February 2017

Firebird Newsletter January 2017

Prior to releasing our publicity, we would like to give you the performance dates for A Spark and a Beating Heart. Please put one of these dates in your diary!

In association with Bristol Old Vic, Firebird Theatre will be performing A Spark and a Beating Heart  at Fyfe Hall, the Trinity Centre, Trinity Road, Bristol BS2 0NW on 11, 12 and 13th May – times to be confirmed.

Firebird is proud and excited to be performing in this beautiful venue, in the heart of the city.

This new production tells the personal stories and collective memories and experiences of the Firebird performers. The experience of the youngest members of the company is very different to those nearing retirement. We use first-hand stories of the Firebird artists (captured through work with local writer Claire Williamson), intertwined with the myths and legends of the firebird and phoenix. The show mixes the personal and the political, telling stories of the past, the present and our aspirations for the future.

Alongside these stories, we celebrate making theatre together over the last 25 years and more; stressing the importance of theatre as a place where people have a voice and can form immediate and important relationships with audiences.

We look very forward to sharing this new work with you.

Other news:

We received 3 year funding from The Odin Charitable Trust, which is wonderful and much appreciated.

Isabelle Sallis and a team from Kingston University are running in the Paris Marathon in April. They are raising money for four charities, one of which is Firebird Theatre. If you would like to sponsor the KU Paris Marathon Team and support Firebird at the same time, please visit.

We made £480 at our Christmas Sale and Auction after the Annual General Meeting on the 10th December 2016. Many thanks to everyone who helped raise funds by baking, running a stall and/or donating items for sale or auction.  Your help is much appreciated.

More about A Spark and a Beating Heart

MAYK is producing A Spark and a Beating Heart and the Creative Team working with Firebird Theatre are:

Fionn Gill, who will perform alongside the Company;

Adrian Lee, musician from the British Paraorchestra, composing and playing music in the show;

Ruby Spencer Pugh, set, costume and prop design;

Frank Spencer, film and projections;

Chris Swain, lighting design;

Paul Blakemore, photography;

Anna Griffiths, Stage Management;

Gemma Brooks, Production Manager.

The show will be British Sign Language Interpreted and we hope to have an audio described performance too.

Apart from rehearsal sessions, recent work has included voice recordings with Frank, working with Fionn, having a photo shoot with Paul and a Production Meeting before Christmas.

We will keep you updated with all information as and when and we hope we will see you in May, if not before!

Sending our very best wishes for a great start to 2017 from us all in Firebird Theatre

Photo of the Paul Blakemore photoshoot from 12th January, photo by Ed Goater. 

Friday, 12 August 2016

Our Summer Newsletter

On May 30th we took part in the Celebrations for Bristol Old Vic’s 250th Birthday. We performed extracts from the last 25 years of Firebird’s work and also three pieces of work in progress on the Main Stage at Bristol Old Vic.

Our patron, Kathryn Hunter, performed alongside us, dancing Steve Knight’s shadow dance from The Nine Lessons of Caliban and performing an extract from Faustus, again one of Steve’s roles. This felt very important to us and we know Steve would have loved Kathryn’s involvement.

Kathryn Hunter rehearsing the extract from Faustus with Brian Davis,
photograph by company member, Sharlie Yea
Also for this performance, Jack Drewry, Ed Goater and Ruby Spencer Pugh provided music and support on stage. Frank Spencer made projections and film especially for this show, which made an amazing and accessible backdrop to the performance.

So, we wish Bristol Old Vic another Happy Birthday and thank them and Kathryn, Jack, Ed, Ruby and Frank for supporting our work in such a wonderful and exciting way.

Thanks also to Sherrie Eugene who interpreted the performance into British Sign Language.

Moving into the Public Hall, Shirehampton 

Moving into the Public Hall, Shirehampton, Photograph by Penny Goater

At the beginning of June, we moved into the Public Hall in Shirehampton whilst the demolition and renovation work is going on at the Bristol Old Vic.

We thank Amanda at the Public Hall for being so welcoming to Firebird. It is a lovely big space and although we miss being at the Old Vic very much, we are very happy to have found the Public Hall. 

The new work 

Prior to the performance on the 30th May, Kathryn Hunter ran a workshop for us as well as rehearsing for the Bristol Old Vic Celebrations. She worked with us on the three extracts from our new work, which was really helpful. We hope to have more of these sort of sessions with workshops from people like Kathryn.
A selection of photographs from the new work that is being developed,
working title: Firebird is 25, photographs by Ed Goater

We are currently having 'closed' sessions on Mondays so we can focus on structuring the material for the new work, which is going well. When this process has finished we hope we’ll have a draft  script that will form a basis for collaborative work with the artistic team. Members of the artistic team have not been confirmed yet but we hope they will include Ruby Spencer Pugh, set/prop/costume design; Composer/musicians from the Paraorchestra; Frank Spencer, film and projections; Chris Swain, lighting design; Anna Griffiths, stage manager.

Again, we cannot definitely confirm other artistic input but we would like to work with Tristan Sturrock, Kathryn Hunter and others to help us develop the new show.

Other news

New Trustee

We are proud and pleased to welcome Mel Scaffold as a new Trustee for Firebird. Mel is co - director at Theatre Bristol and brings a huge amount of experience and expertise to Firebird.

New film on website

You will see a new film on our website of work in progress performed at Bristol Old Vic on the 30th May. The film was made by Frank Spencer who not only contributed hugely to the performance but also managed to set-up a camera in the auditorium so that we had a record of performing on the Main Stage: big thanks to Frank.

Doing things Differently

Some of us are getting involved in the Choir for Extraordinary Bodies and Diverse City's ‘Doing things Differently’ in Bristol over the weekend of 16 – 18 September. There is a lot happening over the weekend and the performances are free. Please visit  for more details.

Jenny Stafford

Finally, Jenny Stafford has retired from Firebird Theatre after nearly ten years with the Company. We wish her well with all future enterprises and would like to thank her for all she has given Firebird. We have all enjoyed working with Jenny and recognise what she has brought to the Company.


We thank everyone for their constant support – it is very much appreciated. We particularly thank families and supporters who have helped make our move into the Public Hall so easy, supporting us by helping with transport and planning journeys.

We wish you all a good summer and we will be in touch again when we have more news to share.