Thursday, 31 August 2017

Summer Holiday Newsletter

Dear Friends and Supporters,

We are currently on a 3 week summer break but still have news we want to share with you!

On our last day before we broke up, 14th August, we were joined by Sash, Maria and Richard, to discuss the Taster workshops we would like to run over the next few months.

               Thanks to Sash, Maria and Richard for joining us on the 14th                                        August to help plan the Taster Workshops

It was very helpful to hear their ideas and realise how enthusiastic they are to get involved in making theatre. We hope to link-up with Bristol Old Vic’s Outreach Department to deliver these workshops and hope to give you more news about these in the next couple of months.

We start back on 11th September with a meeting with producers, MAYK, to discuss possibilities for touring A Spark and a Beating Heart and to plan parts of the Research Project that is being coordinated by Cath Greig.

We are also planning a workshop that can run alongside A Spark and a Beating Heart; which will be about Telling Stories.

On 25th September we are visiting Bristol University to look at their Theatre Collection – part of the visit will be to see if it is possible for Firebird to be part of the Collection. The other reason for visiting is to see one of the world’s largest archives of British Theatre history and live art.

During our holiday, Olivia and Dan are attending a one day film making workshop in Plymouth as part of the Random Acts Film Project run by Random Acts, Calling the Shots and Biggerhouse Film.

Finally, we are including some more rehearsal photos taken by Paul Blakemore of A Spark and a Beating Heart.

Happy Summer Days until we’re in touch again!

Sharlie and Tina: Imagine a firebird

Fionn and Dan: Penny's and Marushka's stories
Loving the rain!

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