Monday, 21 September 2015

Firebird Theatre Sponsored Walk: Photographs

On Sunday 16th August, Firebird Theatre did a sponsored walk to raise funds for Prospero, Duke of Milan (to be performed at Bristol Old Vic on 14th November) and also to celebrate
25 years of performing in the professional theatre. Formerly known as the Portway Players, members of the company met in 1985 at the Portway Day Centre, a social services resource and activity centre based in Shirehampton (five founder members still work with Firebird). In 1990 the Portway Players made their debut performance at the Bristol Old Vic. In 2005 The Portway Players changed its name to Firebird Theatre and became an Independent Theatre Company. 25 years on from their very first show at the Old Vic, Yellow Sun, Red Moon, Firebird is now an associate company of Bristol Old Vic and this is where we meet and work every Monday.
The route we chose for our walk had a symbolic significance for us because it mirrors the journey made by the Portway Players to become Firebird Theatre. It started in Woodwell Rd not far from the site of the old Portway Centre in St Bernard's Rd., Shirehampton and ended at Bristol Old Vic in King Street, Bristol.

The walkers posing in Woodwell Rd before the walk begins.

The start of the walk - crossing the Portway (A4)
 The walk - coming to an end!

Arriving at Bristol Old Vic
Sian and Marilyn arriving in King Street from the SS Great Britain
Penny, Kip and Ed arriving in King Street

Collecting certificates and getting stuck-in to the buffet and drinks laid on for us at Bristol Old Vic.
A big thank you to everyone at Bristol Old Vic for their support

The end of the walk - we're at Bristol Old Vic.