Monday, 8 February 2010

Photo shoot and publicity design with Graham Burke and Howard Swift from Document (previously known as Tijuana)

During November 2009, we were working with the photographer, Graham Burke, and Howard Swift, one of the designers from Tijuana (now known as Document), to design our publicity materials. We now have our posters and flyers printed and these have been distributed to the Bristol Old Vic, Salisbury Arts Centre and the Brewhouse Theatre and Arts Centre to advertise our performances.

We really enjoyed working with Graham and Howard from Tijuana. It was a good experience and made us more aware of how we can show people through a photograph and tell people through words about Firebird Theatre: who we are and what we do. It is part of what we are learning about being a theatre company.

We hope to get these publicity photographs and more rehearsal photographs up on our main website soon but here is an example of one of the images that Graham took.

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