Sunday, 23 November 2014

The final episodes of Prospero, Duke of Milan

On Monday 24th November we are performing the last two episodes (3 & 4) of Prospero, Duke of Milan.
Prospero tries to read his books but gets interrupted all the time; he asks
his brother Antonio to help him do his job, to manage the state of Milan. 
We have found this work very exciting and it will be great to get feedback from the Schools and everyone else that has been involved. MAYK will be putting together an evaluation report and we look forward to discussing how we might improve and develop our work around relaxed performances in the future. We will post the Report on our website when it is completed.

Antonio ends up doing Prospero's job all the time, he gets ambitious
and wants to become the Duke of Milan - he wears the symbols of power.

It has also been good to work with new people to make this happen: Jenny Sherlock, stage manager; Jenny, Hal and Robel from Made in Bristol and Lydia who is helping us explore how we work with volunteers.

He starts to put together his own army, a treacherous army - they plot and whisper
and  plan to get rid of  Prospero and Miranda so that Antonio will be Duke of Milan.
It is also good to work closely with Bristol Old Vic: Christine and Aidan, Lucy and members of the Outreach Department.

Antonio's treacherous army
 Big thanks to everyone who has helped us develop this work.
The treacherous army put Prospero and Miranda into a
rotten butt of boat and cast them out to sea. 
The boat did not sink and Prospero and Miranda
did not drown - what happens next? Please see
William Shakespeare's The Tempest! 

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