Saturday, 25 February 2017

Rehearsals continue

Fionn and Chris rehearsing Chris's story and the story of Zal, photo by Ed Goater

Fionn, Dan and Penny rehearsing Penny's story and the story of Marushka,
photo by Ed Goater
Last Monday, we finished our devising and rehearsing sessions with Fionn Gill - we hope to get-together with Fionn again in April for a run-through of A Spark and a Beating Heart. Next week we have a meeting with the production team and on 6th March we have the day working with British Paraorchestra member, Adrian Lee. Adrian is composing music for A Spark and a Beating Heart around one of the phoenix/firebird myths and will play live with us at Trinity Centre.

It is a busy time but we are very proud of our work and although May is getting closer, we feel we are well prepared for the performances.

Rehearsing the King's Garden scene, photo by Penny Goater

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