Sunday, 5 March 2017

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On Monday 28th March we had a production meeting with most members of the technical and design team joining us at the Public Hall, Shirehampton.

Our rehearsals continue and next Monday 6th March, we will be working with Adrian Lee from the British Paraorchestra. Adrian will be composing music around the story of the firebird that is looking for 5 perfect notes to create its beautiful song.

Fionn, Dan and Penny: the story of Marushka and Penny's story: photo by Tomas Brice

Sharlie and Dan wrote a poem about A Spark and a Beating Heart during one Monday lunchtime, we would like to include this in our Programme. Not only is it a beautiful poem but it shows how the work continues to inspire and influence the Company. Here is the poem.

Poem by Sharlie and Dan

Imagine a kaleidoscope of colour

An explosion of sound, majestic and proud

Graceful and powerful

Elemental and seasonal:

Imagine a firebird.

Finally, we are posting some more rehearsal photographs that have been taken by members of the Company and also Tomas Brice, who visited us when he was home from University. Thanks to Tomas as well as the other photographers in Firebird.

Fionn, Dan and Penny rehearsing, photo by Tomas Brice

Photograph by Penny Goater: Brian and Sharlie reheasing Brian's story

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