Thursday, 30 March 2017

A Spark and a Beating Heart - update

We now have four lovely flyers to publicize A Spark and a Beating Heart, images by Paul Blakemore and design by Matthew Austin at MAYK.

We think they are beautiful and hope you do too. We are emailing or posting them, one at a time over the next few weeks up until the performances in May, to people on our mailing list. We will also show them on our website.

We have been rehearsing using props made by Ruby Spencer Pugh. Ruby is our set, costume and props designer.

Last Monday we tried out the golden apples that Ruby has made for the garden scene in A Spark. Here's Dan 'stealing one of the golden apples'!

Photograph by Penny Goater, Firebird Theatre
This coming Monday 3rd April we are doing a run-through of A Spark for the first time, working with Fionn Gill and Adrian Lee, both of whom are joining us on the day.

This is an exciting but frightening time - we only have a few days of rehearsal left and lots of things have to come together over the next few weeks. Having said that we are now ready to share our work with an audience and we hope people will come and see  A Spark and a Beating Heart - we think it is special production and we hope you do too.

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